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Products and Services

LENGO offers a full range of storage solutions:

  • Storage consulting, including storage audit, personalized advice and technical specification
  • Storage services, such as customized design, professional installation, and maintenance
  • Racking and shelving systems for professionals and individuals

Heavy Duty Rack

LENGO’s Heavy Duty Rack is the highest performing racking system for the industry.

Storing up to 2,000 kg per level, this solution will help factories and warehouses store pallets and improve inventory management, as forklifts can easily drive into the lane of stacked rows.

Designed for factories and warehouses
Technical SpecificationsNo. of Levels 2 (customizable)
Height 3.6 m (customizable)
Depth 1.1 m (standard)
Length 2.4 m (standard)
Load Capacity Up to 2,000 kg (per level)
Decking Panel Plywood (15 or 18 mm)

Medium Duty Rack

LENGO’s Medium Duty Rack is perfect for medium-sized facilities, such as factories and medium enterprises.

With a 1,000 kg load capacity per level, it will help you store a great amount of boxes and materials. And with its limited depth but large size, your floor utilization will be fully optimized.

Designed for factories and small & medium enterprises

Technical Specifications

No. of Levels 3 (customizable)
Height 2.1 m (customizable)
Depth 0.6 m (standard)
Length 2.47 m (standard)
Load Capacity Up to 700 kg (per level)
Decking Panel Plywood (15 or 18 mm)

Light Duty Rack

LENGO’s Duty Light Rack is a practical and well-designed solution for small and medium enterprises, shops and households.
With its five adjustable shelves, it is perfect to store boxes and materials. You can also use it to show your products to your customers!
Designed for small & medium enterprises, shops, and homes

Technical Specifications

No. of Levels 5 (standard)
Height 2.1 m (standard)
Depth 0.47 or 0.62 m (standard)
Length 0.93, 1.23, 1.53m (standard)
Load Capacity From 120 to 150 kg (per level)
Decking Panel Cap type metal

Color Racks 2 in 1

LENGO’s Color Racks are decorative shelving solutions, which you can use to store folders, books, materials and small boxes but also show your products to customers.

It can be assembled in 10 minutes only (no tools required!), and it is available in five elegant colors: black, yellow, blue, pink, and white

Designed for offices, shops, schools and households

Technical Specifications

No. of Levels 5 (customizable)
Height 1.8 m (customizable)
Depth 0.35 m (standard)
Length 0.9 m (standard)
Load Capacity Up to 60 kg (per level)
Colors Black, yellow, blue, pink, white